The role of Ibn Sina in evolution and expansion of logic is undeniable. The exact survey of this role and tracing the place of Sheikh-al Rais in the history of the science of logic requires gaining access to his whole logical heritage.
A considerable part of Sheikh's works in this area remains in manuscript form.
Some accounts of these manuscripts are unreliable and ambiguous. Recognition of these works and providing a correct account of them in some cases make a critical edition of them necessary.
Information about these works which is available in books such as "Oyun – alhikma", "Small epitome in Logic" and "A Hint to Logic" is defective, erroneous and ambiguous. "Oyun – alhikma" has been mistaken with another work by the same title by another author and by different addition has been understood to be the same as "Small Epitome in Logic".
In fact these additions belong to another treatise by Ibn Sina with the title "Glosses in logic" or "A hint to the Science of Logic".
The Logic of Oyun – alhikma is the same "Small Epitome in Logic" that because of its importance has been written again and taken on the name "Epitome".

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